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How to Use the Rose Toys on a Man?

How to Use the Rose Toys on a Man?

No matter whether you have used one rose toy, may be you thought the rose toys can only be used on a woman. In fact, there are still many men choose to use rose toys and many factories produce rose toys for men. At the same time, many men want to use the rose toys and they think that rose toys can bring them much creativity and use. Then do you know why there are so many men would choose to use rose toys in their daily life? 

Normally, rose toys would always bring them many functions, just like vibrating, sucking, licking and so on. So now you know, these fucntions will also be used to stimulate the nipples, penis, anus, or breasts. So now you know why rose toys can be used on a man. After owning a man rose toy, then you can have oral sex, or anus sex with these rose toys.

Many men decide to use the rose toys after they know some features about rose vibrators. They want to explore different kinds of sex pleasure with these men rose toys. After you know why there are so many men choose to use rose toys. In this article, we just want to tell you how to use a rose toy on a man.

How to Use Rose Toys on Men?

Even though most rose toys are designed to be used by women, they can also be used by men for their pleasure on a sexual level. For men who are considering using rose toys on them, here are some tips and precautions you should take:

Foreplay and massage:

To gently massage sensitive parts of men's bodies such as nipples, abdomens, inner thighs, etc, by gently using the vibration function of the rose toy, you should use this device.

This kind of foreplay can increase mutual intimacy and sexual excitement.

To stimulate the perineum:

There is a sensitive area in men called the perineum that is located between the scrotum and the anus. There is a vibrating section of the rose toy that is gently placed on the perineum to create a pleasurable sensation resulting from the vibrations.

The feeling you want to achieve will depend on the vibration patterns you use and the intensity you use.

Stimulate the penis and glans:

When you use the vibrating feature of the rose toy on your penis and glans, your penis will get seriously hot. Exciting and pleasurable feelings can be enhanced by gentle vibrations.

If you would like to find the best stimulation point for your penis, you can try different points of it, such as the glans, coronal sulcus and penis root.

Here are some suggestions for stimulating around the anus:

The vibrating function of the rose toy can be used to stimulate the anus to increase pleasure by stimulating the area around it with vibration. Before using the device, however, it is recommended that an appropriate amount of water-based lubricant should be applied in order to make it more comfortable.

The rose toy should not be inserted directly into the anus since it has been designed for something else and it is not generally recommended to do so.

With other sex toys:

In addition to using roses alone, rose toys can also be used in conjunction with other sex toys, such as vibrating rings, anal plugs, etc., to provide you with multiple stimulation at once.

Precautions for Use

keep clean:

Ensure all toys are cleaned thoroughly before and after each use by using warm water and mild soap or a special toy cleaner, as needed.

It is very important for toys to be completely dry before they are stored in order to prevent bacteria from growing on them.

Use lubricant:

There is a recommendation that lubricants should be water-based and not contain silicone-based ingredients, as these can damage silicone toys if they are used.

Pay attention to hygiene:

It is essential that the toy is thoroughly cleaned before and after use so that cross-contamination will not occur, especially if the toy is used in multiple locations (such as the penis and anus).

To ensure that it is used properly, it is best if you use it only for yourself and avoid sharing it with others.

Listen to your body’s feedback:

It is important to pay attention to one another's feedback and feelings when you are using the device. It is recommended that you discontinue use immediately if you feel discomfort or pain while you are using it.

Ask for professional advice:

It is strongly recommended that you consult a physician or sexual health expert if you have any health concerns or questions before using this product.


Now, you have know there are so many kinds of plays of using rose toys. From glans stimulation to anal play, these men rose toys also be used for foreplay to improve your sex experience. Man using rose toys can not only used to improve couple relationship but bring you more exciting and stimulating feeling. If you still have any other questions about how to use men rose toys, then you can consult our staff for more information. 

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