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How to Charge the Rose Toys Without Charger?

How to Charge the Rose Toys Without Charger?

After you bought one rose sex toy, then you must face some embrassing situations, when you want to charge your rose sex toys, but just find that you cannot find your rose toy charger, at this time, you must want to find and buy a rose toy charger replacement. Here, in this post, i would like to tell you how to charge your rose toys without chargers. Hope useful. 

Where to Find the Rose Sex Toy Chargers?

Most sex toy manufacturers offer purchase options for chargers and other accessories on their official websites. You can find a suitable charger by visiting the product’s official brand website. Look for the accessories section: Look for the "Accessories" or "Support" sections on the website, which will usually list chargers and other related products available for purchase.

Large online retailers: Large online retailers such as Amazon, Aliexpress and Ebay usually carry various brands of rose sex toy chargers. Searching for specific makes and models can help you find the right rose sex toys.

What Are the Alternatives to Rose Toy Charger

When you are going to use the rose toys, only to find that your rose toy charger is lost or damaged, then here are a few alternatives to consider to ensure proper use of the rose toy:

1. Universal USB charger
Many rose sex toys use standard USB charging ports, making it possible to use a universal USB charger. Here are some options:

Mobile phone charger: If the charging port of the rose toy is compatible with a mobile phone charger, it can be charged using a mobile phone charger.
Computer USB port: Connecting the toy’s charging cable to your computer’s USB port is also a simple way to charge.
Portable power supply: Use a mobile power supply (power bank) to charge the toy for easy use when going out.

2. Buy a universal charging cable
If the original charging cable is lost, you can purchase a universal charging cable. It should be noted that the interface type of the charging cable must match the toy.

Micro-USB or USB-C charging cable: Most sex toys use Micro-USB or USB-C connectors. After confirming the interface type, you can purchase a universal charging cable at any electronics store or online platform.
Special interface: If the toy uses a special interface, you can search for the toy brand name and the "charging cable" keyword to find a compatible alternative charging cable online.

3. Contact the manufacturer or retailer
If you're not sure which alternative is best, you can contact the toy's manufacturer or the retailer where you purchased it directly for help.

Manufacturer's website: Visit the manufacturer's official website, find customer service contact information, and inquire by phone or email.
Online retailers: If you purchase on Amazon, Tmall and other platforms, you can contact the seller through the platform’s customer service system and ask if there are compatible chargers or charging cables for sale.

4. Visit a professional adult product store
Many specialist adult stores not only sell sex toys, but also offer accessories and replacement chargers.

Physical store: If there is an adult products store nearby, you can go there in person and ask the store staff about compatible chargers or charging cables.
Online stores: Visit online adult product stores such as Taohuawu and Fun Mall, search the charger or accessories section, and purchase compatible replacements.

5. DIY Solutions
If you can't find a suitable replacement and you know a thing or two about electronics, you can try DIY solutions:

Check voltage and current: Make sure the replacement charger has the same voltage and current as the original charger to avoid damaging the toy.
Connect the adapter: Use the electrical adapter to connect the charging cable and the toy port to ensure a stable and safe connection.

What Should We Do When the Rose Toy Chargers Cannot Work?

1. Check the charger and charging cable
2. Test the power outlet. Replace socket
3. Check the toy’s battery. Fully discharge and then recharge:
4. Consult the user manual
Read the instructions
5. Contact the manufacturer or retailer
6. Buy a replacement charger
7. Seek professional repairs

Hope these steps and info are useful and helpful! If you have more questions or need further advice, please feel free to contact me at

Operating Charging Safely For Your Rose Sex Toys

No matter how you are going to charge your rose sex toys, you need to ensure that your rose toys should be charged safely.  

When the charging is finished, you had better remove your rose sex toys at once, because you should know that you need to ensure to refrain overcharging for your battery health. Even if when you are charging your rose sex toys, you can check the safety. At the same time, you should check the compatibility between charging sources and rose toys. At last, if you have lost you rose toy chargers, then you can also consider buying a rose toy charger at our store.


After you read this article, then you much know many things about how to charge the rose sex toys without chargers, so next time, if you still face up to this situation, then you can read this article for your needs. 

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